Salon Application Terms & Conditions

Delivery & Claims Policy

  1. Products are not sold on a “sale or return” basis.
  2. Delivery of the products is the responsibility of EvaPro SA (Pty) Ltd. The risk in the property of such products passes to the buyer on delivery.
  3. Orders below a net value of R 1,200.00 excl. VAT which are delivered by Courier will incur a delivery fee of R100 excl. VAT.
  4. Please ensure that all goods are checked at the time of delivery and sign the waybill as proof thereof. If you are unable to check the inside of the boxes, at least check number of boxes vs. the waybill.
  5. A signed waybill will be acknowledgement of receiving the correct number of boxes and products.
  6. Breakages, shortages and/or incorrect supplies must be reported within seven calendar days from receipt of the products by completing and delivering a claims form to EvaPro SA (Pty) Ltd. Each invoice will be accompanied by a printed claims form without which no claim will be valid.
  7. The claims form should be emailed to either your sales consultant or to Should we not acknowledge receipt of your form within 48 hours please send it again. For any queries or assistance regarding your claim, please call our salon on 011 883 3396.
  8. Goods cannot be returned for any other reason than incorrect or damaged supplies.
  9. In exceptional cases when goods are returned for any other reason than breakages, shortages and/or incorrect supplies, a 20% handling fee will be charged, calculated at 20% of the buyer’s net purchase price of the particular products. In such cases, only sealable, non-shopsoiled and non-expired products will be accepted back by EvaPro SA (Pty) Ltd.

Standard Terms and Conditions of Sale

  1. In these Terms and Conditions “the Supplier” shall mean EvaPro SA (Pty) Ltd.
  2. The purchase price for every purchase made by me/us shall be paid CBD (payment before delivery).
  3. In the event of payment not being made within the terms specified in 2 above, I/we agree that all discounts previously allowed on a particular invoice/s shall fall away and the full gross value as indicated on such invoice/s shall become due and payable.
  4. In the event of my/our failing to effect payment of any amount on due date, interest shall immediately become due and payable thereon with effect from due date of repayment at the maximum legal rate.
  5. Products are not sold on a ‘Sale or return’ basis.
  6. If I/we should fail to object any item appearing on the Supplier’s statement of account within fourteen (14) days of the date of the dispatch of the statement, the account shall be deemed to be in order and I/we shall be deemed to have received delivery of each and every item appearing on such statement.
    1. The Applicant hereby consents to the jurisdiction of the Magistrate’s Court having jurisdiction over its person in respect of all proceedings connected with his application not withstanding that the value of the matter in dispute might exceed the Court’s jurisdiction.
    2. Notwithstanding the aforegoing, The Supplier shall be entitled to institute all or any proceedings against the Applicant connected with his application in any division of the High Court of South Africa having jurisdiction.
  7. A certificate is issued under the hand of Director or Manager of the Supplier shall be prima facie evidence of the amount due by me/us and such certificate shall be sufficient for purposes of Summary Judgement or Provisional Sentence.
  8. In the event of action being insinuated against me/us by the Supplier, I/we agree to pay costs on the Attorney and own Client scale including collection commission payable in terms of Law.
  9. In this agreement, unless the context otherwise requires, the words imparting the singular shall include the plural and vice versa.
  10. Until such time as I/we have paid the purchase price in full in respect of any purchase of goods, ownership in and to all such goods shall remain vested in the Supplier. The Supplier shall, in its sole discretion, be entitled to take possession of any such goods which have not yet been paid for and in respect of which payment is overdue in terms of clause 2 above, in which event I/we shall be entitled to a credit in respect of the goods so returned being the price at which the goods were sold or the value thereof as determined by a sworn valuator of the Supplier’s choice, at the Supplier’s discretion.
  11. Unless expressly agreed to in writing by the Supplier, no qualification or variation or waiver of any of the said terms and conditions which is inconsistent herewith shall be deemed to be of any force or effect, nor shall any relaxation or indulgence accorded by the Supplier to the Buyer prejudice the rights of the Supplier or stop the Supplier from exercising the rights unless contained in writing.
  12. The Applicant hereby chooses domicilium citandi et executandi for all notices and processes to be given and served in pursuance hereof, at his respective addresses given on the application form via the website Any notice of any change in such address shall be given in writing and delivered by hand or sent by registered mail to the Supplier upon notification of which the address so notified shall serve as the new domicilium citandi et executandi as aforesaid.
  13. I/we agree that any latitude, allowance or indulgence whatsoever, which the Supplier may grant myself/ourselves particularly with regard to the aforegoing, shall not be construed to be a waiver of any rights that the Supplier might otherwise have against myself/ourselves.
  14. I/we warrant that the above information is true and correct, and undertake to notify in writing any material change of details shown on page one including changes of ownership, name or address and that I/we have the authority to sign this agreement.