Salon Price List

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Hair Styling


Junior Stylist Blow Wave R200
Blow Wave Short R250
Blow Wave Medium R280
Blow Wave Long R300
Comb Out R130
Curls Styling R250 R330
Upstyling Long R500
Upstyling Medium R300

Hair Cut

Fringe Cut R100
Gents Cut R390
Gents Shave R140
Ladies Cut & Blow R600
Ladies – Cut Only R460
Student 30% off


Eyebrow tint R55
Extra Colour R200
General Toner R250
Half Head Tint R480
Tint Roots Only R670
Tint Roots to ends R850
Roots tint and half HL R1200
Roots tint and full HL R1460


HL Per Foil R70
HL Covering R300
T-Panel HL R490
HL Half Head R990
HL Full Head R1480
HL Money Piece R1500
HL Balayage R1600

From To

Hair Treatments

Capilo / Pure Silk Shot R150
Capilo / Thinning Hair R400
Hair Repair / Hair Net R300
ORO Anti-aging Collagen R450
Rituality Short R520
Rituality Long R720
Hair Laser R170

Unnique Brazillian Treatments

Men Brazillain R500
Brazillian : Short R1370
Brazillain : Medium R1700
Brazillian : Long R2500


Consult/Remove R300
Per half an hour R630


Perm Short R1120
Perm Long R1320

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