New Superblanc Bleach from Eva Professional

Eva Professional proudly launches Superblanc – the smart hair bleaching range.

This includes:

Superblanc Blue – an anti-orange bleaching powder which lifts up to 7 levels with a compact, dust free formula.

Superblanc Violet – an anti-yellow bleaching powder which lifts up to 9 levels with a compact, dust-free formula.

Superblanc offers smart bleaching with a neutralization action, and different levels of speeds and strengths, allowing for versatile and multi-technical bleaching. The user-friendly formulation is easy to mix and apply and offers superb results while respecting the hair.

Excellent quality to price ratio!

Eco-friendly packaging.

This is the ideal bleaching  powder to use for lightening hair by more than 4 tones.  The processing time is between 20 and 40 minutes depending on the degree of lightening required, and whether heat is applied.

For phenomenal results at a fantastic price in your salon, contact Eva Professional for more info or to order.

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