Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là is undoubtedly the most complete product in the Eva Professional Hair Care range. This multi-action gelatine is completely versatile and can be used for many different purposes. Likewise, the application method is different in each one of them. Do you want to learn more about them? Keep reading!

At the hair saloon, you can use Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là to…
…protect the hair fibre: Use it before any technical work. Its use DOES NOT AFFECT the application of dyes or bleaching. The application time or the resulting colour DO NOT CHANGE. You can apply it on dry hair, through the mid-lengths and ends, spreading it well with your fingers and a comb or brush. No need to dry or wait, you can continue with the necessary work. The result will be a hair in very good condition and without breakage. The protection of the fibre can be clearly seen after continued or very aggressive bleaching.

At home (and also at the hair saloon), you can use Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là to…
untangle the hair and avoid breakage: You can apply it on wet (after showering) or dry hair. Put the amount you need in your hands, distribute it a little bit and, using your fingers, apply the product through the mid-lengths and ends. You can start untangling using your fingers but finish using the comb or brush, thus the product will be better distributed. Then, you can use the product you need to style your hair. It has no effect over hairsprays, mousses, gels… The result will be shiny and smooth hair without breakage, which will last untangled longer and with much less frizz.

define the hairstyle: Have you pulled your hair up in a ponytail? Then apply a little Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là on the side of the head. In areas such as the sideburns or the neck, the hairstyle will be better defined without being fixed. Have you left a few loose strands? Apply product through the mid-lengths and ends so they do not curl up so easily and then dry with a dryer. You can also use a straightener if necessary. You will have control and discipline for your hairstyle.

protect the hair from external agents: Pollution (along with the effects of the sun) is a great enemy of hair because it stifles and weakens it. Apply Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là on wet hair, after each shower. You don’t need to use a lot, just enough to spread it through the mid-lengths and ends. Distribute it evenly using your hands and a brush or comb. Your hair will be protected from pollution and the elements until the next wash.

You see, Vitamin Recharge Oh Là Là is a perfect product both for use at the hair saloon and at home.
And you? How do you use it?