I have not only lost 20kg, but my arthritis has disappeared, inflammation has left my body, my brainpower and energy are back. Feels like I'm 20 again?

This is scheduled medication compounded by a Medical Doctor.

The cost of the treatment varies according to your weight:

1. 110 kg and above: 0.6 ml - R 2 750/week
2. 90 kg to 110 kg: 0.4 ml - R 1 834/week
3. 70 kg to 90 kg: 0.3 ml - R 1 375/week
4. 50kg to 70 kg: 0.2 ml - R 917/week

Beyond the physical benefits, this treatment offers a renewed sense of confidence and well-being.

It's not cheap but it's life-changing in so many ways.

You will save A LOT of money on food, snacks, dining out, etc. because you will no longer have cravings, and won't feel like you need sugar at all.

If this is something you think you want to do and can afford, then I will help you get in touch with a nurse who will go through the medical protocol telephonically, after which the doctor will prescribe a recommended dosage.

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